Personal Package Pet Peeve

I’m really sick of those {email/text} shipping notices from {UPS/USPS/FedEx/Amazon/Etsy/etc.} that tell me there’s a package coming today or tomorrow, but no clue as to what it is or even who the vendor is, unless I {click through to/search for} the tracking number on the vendor’s website, which usually entails one or more login requests.

I don’t need the shipper to mask the item for some imaginary “privacy” concern. Nobody else reads my email (except maybe Google), and it’s encrypted in transit, so where’s the risk of telling me what’s coming to my door? It’s as if I got a phone call with the caller ID showing “someone you know”! Can I “opt in” to getting more informative notifications? Nope, that’s not an option. So much for the U.S. being a service-oriented economy. Jeez.