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Mary Waldron


Essex, England; (daughter Sarah Pigott)

1929 / Class of '02 / Possibly caused by crop spraying / Died 3-06

My mother Mary Waldron was from Chelmsford in Essex, England. She died in March 2006. She was born in 1929. She had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma for about 3 and a half years. There was not much communication between me and my family about her condition at the time and I looked at this website for information and reassurance. She seemed to be responding well to treatment but had weight loss, loss of appetite and numbness which made moving around very difficult. She also suffered from extreme loss of energy. It was reported to me that at the end she took an overdose of painkillers due to the fact the she feared dementia and decided to end her life before she became a vegetable. I suspect that her illness may have been caused by crop spraying in the area she lived up to 30 years previously. My family do not want to talk about the issue at the moment. There is no history of cancer in our family and she died relatively young compared with her parents and other family members. She was an English teacher and very active in her many intellectual interests up until her death. She is greatly missed my myself, my husband and our three daughters.

I would welcome e-mails from other people with similar experiences and would like to tell more of her story. My name is Sarah Pigott, (previously Waldron) and I have three daughters aged 22, 20 and 16 who all miss their grandma.


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