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June Pruitt


Miami, FL  

1929 / Class of '73 / Lived with MM 22 years; used alternative medicine / Died 10-29-95

[This report was prepared by her husband, Ves Pruitt. Additional comments about her medical treatment are from phone conversations that June Brazil had with her during 1993/94.]

I regret to inform you that June died October 29, 1995. She had surgery here in Miami, FL for gall bladder stones. Infection while in the hospital and the high doses of antibiotics killed her immune system and she died at age 66, one day after our 35th wedding anniversary, having lived for 22 years after receiving the diagnosis of multiple myeloma. People are on the right track to fight the cancer by educating themselves. I cannot advise what to do but will give you information as to what we did and the results.

After diagnosis with multiple myeloma in 1973 at the age of 43. At diagnosis she had elevated gammaglobulin factors. She did not have any bone lesions on x-ray, but bone scans revealed many hot spots. June used the US medical establishment chemotherapy treatments until she was bald headed and weighed only 90 pounds at the end of one and one-half years. Her previous average weight had been 125 pounds. She was treated with Cytoxan and Prednisone during the first year and a half of her disease. At that time the doctors said that they could only keep her comfortable with dope until she died. We used Fairfield Clinic in Jamaica, run by Dr. Brown, who was trained in Germany. After three weeks in his clinic and instructions from him as to what to do at home, June regained her weight and a full head of hair as before at the end of six months. Dr. Brown used Laetrile and high doses of emulsified Vitamin A. The doctors in Miami tested her and found she was in a state of remission. She lived a good quality of life, but approximately three years later tests showed a return of the multiple myeloma. The same procedure was used and she tested in remission. This indicated to us that the system was working and this was not accidental remission. She continued quality living and treatment of the same type each time tests would show the return of the multiple myeloma.

For professional advice we used Dr. Ernesto Contreras in Tijuana, Mexico after the Fairfield Clinic in Jamaica was shut down. After Dr. Contreras had a heart attack, we moved to the American Biologics (AB) in Tijuana, Mexico, owned and run by Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, of Mexico, Dr. Bob Bradford, of USA, and Mike Culbertson, editor and owner of Choice Magazine. Dr. Rodriguez took care of June for eight years. That organization is well educated, good equipment, well staffed with doctors and nurses, and keep up with medical developments from all over the world. Their success rate is outstanding. They also use Dr. Norwicki's herb, called U-Krain, known I am told in Europe for over 3500 years. Dr. Norwicki is in Vienna, Austria and reports show no side effects from the U-Krain. June also received live cell therapy at AB for immune system and intestines developed by Dr. Paul Nihans for the last 8 years. The following is a list of the various remedies June mentioned she was using: laetrile + liquid calcium, acidophilus, green barley and green essence, Essiac tea (recent addition), calcitonin shots occasionally AB meet criteria for American major medical coverage. Drs are licensed and nurses are registered and they have emergency facilities

We stayed at the International Motor Inn in San Ysidro, next to the border on the US side and were taken by van to the American Biologics Clinic each morning at 7 a.m. and returned in the afternoon. American Biologics will meet the patient and family at the San Diego airport and take them to the AB hospital in Tijuana or to the Motor Inn and when they leave to go home they will return you to the airport. We thought the prices were very reasonable compared to the US and so was the motor inn at approximately $40.00. You can call American Biologics on 800-227-4458 or 619 429-8200 or write them at 1180 Walnut Ave., Chula Vista, CA 92011-2622. They will send you literature, costs, etc. and schedule your appointment. Ask for Janet, I find that she is very efficient and will help you all she can. She can send you a brochure showing pictures of the Clinic, etc. International Motor Inn telephone is 619 428 4486, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are the managers.

I am sorry that people have their problems and I can sympathize with them. I am in my 80th year of life and do preventative measures to keep healthy. While with my wife I took the chelation with all the good stuff as a preventative measure and will continue to go to AB for what I need. They can send your medicine and vitamins to you from Tijuana or Chula Vista, California for use at home.

June has helped many people while living and if she can still be an encouragement to other on the internet, even in death, that will be good.

Best regards,

V. E. (Ves) Pruitt

February 12, 1997



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