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Edyth Henderson



1933 / Class of '92 / bone involvement / Died 8-13-2001

I am a 63 year old female who was diagnosed January, 1992 with MM after 2 collapsed vertebra. Treated for 2 years with Alkeran and Prednisone. Initially underwent 15 treatments of radiation to T-spine. Was under no treatment for 2 years then in October, 1995 started Alkeran and Prednisone again and Aredia every 28 days. Have had 2 almost normal and 4 normal M-spike readings as of May 23, 1996.

In Oct of '94 I had radiation on a lesion in my sacrum joint. I am about 4 inches shorter than before. I have led a fairly normal life these 4 1/2 years. The first 6 or so months I was in pretty bad shape, but since then I have been able to walk 2 or 3 miles a day.

Last July I took a trip to the World Special Olympics in Conn. where my son participated. We have taken several car trips. I wear a brace when I go out, but around the house I don't often wear it. I've had to give up tennis (which I was playing 3 or 4 times a week. I'm playing bridge now.

As of Nov. 10, 1996 my blood work is still good. I have been getting 60mg. of Aredia every 28 days, but in December I plan to increase that amount to 90mg. Also I started estrogen replacement therapy in October.

I have a very supportive husband and friends. 


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