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Pascale Gaujacq


Paris, France

1959 / Class of '06 / Bone lesions: skull, arm, fracture repaired / Type: IgA Lambda / VAD, Thal/Dex, Velcade, CHOP 14 / Died 2-24-2009

(By her sister, Catherine)

Pascale (left) and me (right)

bulletBorn December 1959
bulletDiagnosed March 2006 by Professeur Varet Paris - Hopital Necker
bulletBone lesions at diagnosis (skull, arm long bone, costal fracture repaired)
bulletIgA Lambda, normal LDH, stage III at diagnosis
bulletMajor treatments: VAD (3 cycles), Thal/Dex (3 months), Velcade (5 cycles), CHOP 14 (1st cycle)
bulletCollection of stem cells in July 06
bulletPic Beta=16, High Beta-2 microglobulin since 12/06 (Velcade), LDH=1600 since 12/06 (Velcade).

Pascale is in good health (!) and no one could tell she is sick. She is a great person, with a wonderful spirit! We grew up in France in a rural area. Pascale lives in Paris since 1982 and has been a high level consultant in the telecommunications industry for twenty years. She was an airplane stewardess for 3 years in her 20's.

Pascale responded well to each first 2 cycles of every new induction treatment, and then each time the beta peak plateaued. It is just as if the 15 value was a minimum that would trigger an aggression of the disease. The first time she reached 15 after Thal/Dex and was awaiting transplant, the peak took off to 50. The second time she reached 15 with Velcade, LDH and Beta-2-microblobulin took off. Her Beta peak is stable to date around 15, but she has 70% dystrophic plasma cells in her bone marrow. The doctors cannot proceed with autologous transplant until LDH is back to normal, and she is now (2007) undergoing 3 cycles of CHOP 14, usually used with Lymphoma.

Pascale had an autologous stem cell transplant in May 2007 after a successful CHOP 14 chemotherapy. She enjoyed a 12 months total remission. In May 2008 with the disease back, Pascale went through cycles of Revlimid, and then Melphalan in early December 2008 hoping for a total body irradiation. Too weak to get this therapy, Pascale decided to fight MM until the end with a cycle of tri-therapy for which she volunteered.


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