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There are nonprofit organizations that arrange free or reduced cost air transportation for cancer patients going to or from cancer treatment centers. Financial need is not always a requirement. To find out about these programs talk with a medical social worker. Ground transportation services may be offered or mileage reimbursed through the local ACS or your county's Department of Social Services.

Corporate Angel Network, Inc.
Phone: (914) 328-1313
Address: Westchester County Airport, One Loop Road, White Plains NY 10604
Web Site:

Corporate Angel Network, a not-for-profit organization, provides free plane transportation for cancer patients going to/from recognized cancer treatment centers by using empty seats aboard corporate aircraft operating on business flights. There are no financial requirements or limits on the number of trips.

Air Care Alliance
Phone: 1-800-296-1217
Web Site:

The Air Care Alliance is a nationwide association of humanitarian flying organizations dedicated to community service. This document is intended to introduce you to the members of ACA and other groups whose activities involve health care, patient transport, and related kinds of public benefit flying.

Using their own time and general aviation aircraft, pilot members of these organizations help hundreds of people each month. Such groups help needy patients travel to facilities where they are able to receive medical attention they might otherwise have to do without. Air Care Alliance organizations also play a significant role providing relief in times of natural disaster and other emergencies.

Public benefit flying organizations utilize the unique capabilities of General Aviation aircraft to lend a hand whenever rapid, safe air transportation is needed to make health care accessible and save lives. Individual organizations with this mission have been in existence for decades, but in 1990 the need to share resources and coordinate efforts became clear. Thus was born the Air Care Alliance. Since that time, members of ACA have flown more than 24,000 patients safely. Through this period, there has been but one accident - an incredible safety record which demonstrates the high standards and professionalism of ACA members.

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