The Myeloma Alphabet Soup Handbook
Blood Tests

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B2M: Has been shown to be independent Myeloma prognostic factor.

BUN: Blood Urea Nitrogen measures how well the kidneys filter wastes from the blood.

CA: Calcium is a mineral found in the blood and bone.

CREAT: Creatinine measures kidney function.

Hemoglobin: Is a test for anemia.

Hematocrit: Is a test for anemia.

MCV: Mean Corpuscular Volume is a test to measure the size of red blood cells.

Platelets: Are one measurement of how well blood clots.

RBC: Red Blood Cell count is a test for anemia.

SED RATE: Westergren ESR is a nonspecific test of inflammation in the body.

SGPT: Tests for liver inflammation.

WBC: White Blood Cells is a screen for the presence of infection or inflammation in the body.

Uric Acid: Can be elevated in gout.

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