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A number of people have read my message and felt more hopeful about their own MM and have emailed me. - David

It's a very nice thing you do keeping up the MM Stories. I'm sure it gives hope to so many. Thank you. - Debi

Your site is one that still offers hope to those sadly new on the scene.  :) - Lori

This is an uplifting, educational site. Thank you. - Mike

Good Grief, what a terrific site! - Jack

I have gotten several emails from "newbies" asking questions about this disease, and am very pleased to have been "of service". Thanks for maintaining this website. - Bob

We continue to watch this site, and have, from the beginning, found it to be so encouraging. - Marge

Thank you for the website Ė itís real good for the spirit! - James

Thank you for all of your work on this site! I have received many emails from people just starting this journey and I know that this site has helped so many people! - Theresa

Thank you so much for this website and giving me the opportunity to tell my fatherís story! - Brandie

These survivor stories are inspirational for others and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this network! Iíve been contacted by several people who have read my story and I know that they, like I, have benefited from having been able to access this site. Many thanks, - Cath

It's a nice thing that you do to keep up the survivor website. It also must be hard to read the stories knowing that there still is no cure. We all appreciate what you're doing in keeping the site going. - Kim

Thanks for this website. It really helps to know what others have faced and how they have dealt with it. - Cheryl

What you are doing for all MM survivors is really great. So many people have emailed me to ask me questions about my husband's treatment, especially Filipinos who get Myeloma and do not know where to go. They email me, since we have no cancer group in our country. Your website really gives hope to all. - Jean

This website has brought to me many kind people from around the world! Thank you for your support. - Kathy

Thanks for posting the story on the website. It's great to share our experiences, and to give some information that will hopefully help patients and caregivers! - Catherine

The stories on the web site are so encouraging to me and I know they are for others as well. Your site really helped me and my husband make decisions and have new friends to discuss our situation with. Thank you for putting up the site. And hopefully the site will stay forever, for the sake of other MM patients to come. God bless you all. - Marge

I'm thrilled and honored to be linked through the MM Survivors website. My dad is so happy and proud to be helping others. Thanks, and yes, leave our link available to everyone possible. Take care. - Cheryl

Thanks for the site. I really helps to read survivor's stories. Your dedication to keeping it going is appreciated. - Carol

Your Web page is so wonderful. I think it helps knowing what others go through and you are not alone. It also makes you become aware that there is not always a happy ending which helped me realize that Don's case was similar to some I read that did not make it which helped me prepare for his passing when he became so ill suddenly. - Rita

Thank you for this website and the triumph evidenced here in all the stories. I needed this. - Melissa

I was researching Multiple Myeloma on the internet and was surprised to see that it is possible to survive this dreadful disease. My earlier research on the internet and consultations with doctors who are members of the family showed that this disease cannot be treated or cured, maximum life expectancy is 6 - 18 months. At least this is the case in my native country in Hungary.

Having read your page about survivor's stories I feel that I have to tell the patients how fortunate they are. Every week, month is a mercy from God. - Kind regards, Monika


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