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Zhong Xiu Xu


Su Zhou, Jaing Su Shing, China;

1952 / Class of 2009 / Type: IgG Lambda-Light Chain, Stage III-B / Velcade, Revlimid / Updated: 6/11

My mother-in-law was born in 1952 in China and she was a healthy, active lady living in Su Zhou, Jaing Su Shing, China. She was found to have the Multiple Myeloma, Type IgG, lambda light chain stage IIIB in July 2009. At first, we, as the whole family, were quite shocked to learn that she had Multiple Myeloma. After 2 cycles of chemotherapy with Velcade and Dexamethasone, her multiple myeloma condition became stable and did not progress further. Starting in January, 2010, she started to take 10mg of Revlimid (a generic version of Lenalid, which is not available in China currently) according to the doctor’s direction. During the time she took the medicine, her condition was greatly improved, and most of the indices, including IgG, were falling back into the normal range, and her situation was also greatly improved.

Because the medicine did control and suppress the production of white blood cells and others (erythrocytes, platelets, and leukocytes), the index of them are well below the normal range: the red blood cell index is about 81 (110 – 150 is normal range), the white blood cell index is 1.9 (4 – 10 is normal range) and platelet index (thrombocytes, 100 – 300 is normal range). In May of 2011, the doctor suggested to suspend taking the Revlimid, in order to help to improve the index back to the normal range. After about 20 days of suspension, the index still remains low (red blood cell: 81, platelets: 83, white blood cell: 1.9) but the IgG is surged from 758 to 1380.

For the time being, our doctor did not have any much better idea on how to treat the condition and hoping someone can share their experience to deal with this type of cancer. Since taking the Revlimid, she has had a numb feeling in her hands and feet. Someone recommended to me that the “Cell Food” can help her to feel better, but I am not sure about that so I put the question here to see if anyone had any suggestion on daily supplements that can help. We are trying to do everything to help her to feel better each day, as each passing day is a gift from God given to her and our family.

6/22/2011: My mother-in-law was admitted back to the hospital for treatment of her Multiple Myeloma.  For last few weeks, her blood test result was way below the normal range, and that cause some concern for all of us and her doctor.  So as of 6/21/2011, her doctor started another round of chemotherapy using Velcade, along with some addition test on her.  How it will turn out is still unknown to us, but we are wishing for the best.

On a side note, I was come across a website with the news of “New drugs for Multiple Myeloma.” the link is as below:

This is a company in Australia and they seem to find some drug that can potentially help treat Multiple Myeloma.  I am hoping someday it will be available to help millions of the patients with Multiple Myeloma.

-- Douglas

 Thanks for all you to spend your time reading this and I appreciate your reply or feedback.

This story was written by son-in-law, Douglas Wong (, and her daughter, Binyan Xue (


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