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Paul Rabuck


  Woodville, TX;

1946 / Class of 1997 / Spine involvement, surgery / Chemo: Rev/Dex / Updated: 9/14

I was born in 1946 in Port Arthur, TX, and diagnosed with MM in Hong Kong, PRC on 10 Feb1997. I had to wait until the doctors arrived back from Chinese New Year. Nine days later they said I had lung cancer which had spread to the bones and that my L-4 vertebra was completely eaten away by a tumor. They wanted to work on me there, but we flew straight to MD Anderson the next day where they replaced the L-4 and gave me a strap from L-3 to L-5 to hold me together.

Previously, I was employed in an oil refinery and was exposed to benzene on a regular basis. Later in life, I was a marine inspector conducting internal inspection of vessels which carried products like crude oil which also contained benzene.

I am living in Woodville, TX and still go to MD Anderson for monthly check ups. My treatment is Revlimid combined with Dexemethazone.

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