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Patricia Pappas


Foresthill, CA;

1952 / Class of '07 / Type: Lambda L.C. / Spine compression / Natural therapy / Updated: 4/08

I grew up in Kensington, California until I was 14, at which time I moved to Downers Grove, Illinois. I have always been very healthy - rarely saw a doctor - most family members on both sides live to be 90! I was born in 1952 and diagnosed at the age of 55 in 2007 with lambda light chain after discovering I had several compressed discs in my upper back. I had Kyphoplasty surgery last fall which really helped my back but my biggest concern was to kill the cancer so I can rebuild my bones to a safe level. Before my surgery I had a dexascan done which showed I had the bones of an eighty year old.

A very competent endocrinologist began researching the cause of this unusual, severe diagnosis and, after my surgeon took bone biopsies from my vertebrae during surgery, it was found I had > 30% mm cells in those vertebrae. I was offered traditional treatment - chemo, bisphosphonates, stem cell transplant - but refused and began an alternative treatment. January 2008 I began a strict pH diet and regime of Nature Sunshine products - Paw Paw Cell-Reg, Protease Plus, E-tea, Coral Calcium, Vit D3, Spirulina and Thai-Go. In February I had a base line blood test done and my light chain numbers were 10,700 - in March I was at 4,720 - in April 6,660. It's fluctuating so I need to hit it harder - I'm researching just how I plan to do that now. I have boosted my intake of the Paw Paw Cell-Reg, E-tea and Protease Plus.

I feel great!!!!!!! I work full time as a financial manager for a local government agency and live on eight acres in the forest at 3500 feet elevation. I've taken to eating organic foods whenever they are available and only drink Fiji water with fresh squeezed lemon. I walk frequently in the woods and manage several garden beds with my wonderful partner, Gary. He's been my saving grace - he's is magnificently supportive. We are both convinced we will beat this thing and live to enjoy our retirement selling tie dyed t-shirts and kites on the coast. I want to share with others what I'm doing so that if/when it works people may have another choice for treatment that will be less debilitating than traditional treatment. I think it is a very personal choice for each of us to make - we each have our path in this life.

I would love to hear from others - especially if they, too, are trying alternative treatments. One interesting note for researchers: my father was recently diagnosed with MUGS - I did not live in the same environment as he after infant stage so it may be a hereditary disease after all - he is 82 and only being monitored at this point - still plays golf and travels. I have not shared any of this with my family - I do not want the negative energy sent out from them that surrounds the image of cancer - I have only shared this with Gary and friends that can help me fight it.

Best Regards, Pat.


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