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Nottinghamshire, England;

1955 / Class of '97 / Updated: 6/00

Before diagnosis l had had very little illness; in fact, l had not been off work since leaving school. I was diagnosed with MM in June, 1997, after experiencing extreme pain in my hip, chest and upper back. After insisting on a x-ray of my back l was diagnosed and treated by my local hospital. My blood level at the time of diagnosis was showing 73% protein. During my treatment of chemo (6x), radiotherapy (4x), and a BMT from my brother, I lost three inch in height and also have a dent in my chest. I have osteoporosis of the area of damage to my spine, for which I have an allergy to the treatment. 

I was very ill during my treatment and often felt that l had had enough. I returned to my job as prison officer after five months and have remained in remission since October 1997.

My advice to other sufferers would be: Keep your family on your side. Keep them informed. Do not believe everything you are told. Live for the moment.




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