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Brenda Mather


Wirral, England;

1942 / Class of '94 / Bone pain / Chemo, remission / Updated: 7/06

I was born in Liverpool England. in 1994, I developed severe pain in my feet, hips and spine, leading to my diagnosis. I had a year of radical chemotherapy, and since then I have been in complete remission. Both feet have required operations, and I am now in excellent health, and can walk miles.

I have seen my three sons married and six beautiful grandchildren born (a seventh is due this Christmas). My husband Kev and I enjoy a very wonderful life which includes at least three holidays each year to many fantastic places. After MM, I trained as a Reflexologist, masseuse, aromatherapist and Reiki master. Besides a private practice, I treat clients with all cancers free. My philosophy is to be positive, look for the good and the beauty in life, trust in God, and give to others even if its only a smile.

God Bless, Brenda


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