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Edmundo Gorga


Sao Paulo, Brazil;

1944 / Class of '00 / Type: IgG, Kappa / Renal problems, auto-SCT, remission / Updated: 12/00

(By his son, Fabio)

Edmundo was born in 1944 grew up in the city. He had a history of Padget's Disease. In 1999 he developed renal problems and anemia (HB:4), along with bone pain and fatigue. 

On 1/26/2000, a Hematologist-Oncologist diagnosed him in Stage III-A Multiple Myeloma, Type IgG with Kappa. His creatinine and protein levels were very high, and he had bone lesions. He was hospitalized at Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital.


bulletVAD X 4: 1/28, 2/21, 4/3, 5/2/2000; Hemo numbers improved
bulletCyclophosphamide - high dosage - 3g/m2 + GCSF (Granulokyne) to collect Cd-24 cells  
bulletEDHAP X 1 
bullet9/2000: Autologous CD-34 stem-cell transplantation, with Melphalan 200 g/ml
bulletAredia every month; control every two months

There were a few problems: Nausea with Cyclophosphamide; Hemorrhoids; Local surgery after the 3rd VAD; Meningitis after Cyclophosphamide.

Now (12/26/2000), a year after diagnosis and 114 days after transplantation, he has complete remission, and his hair is growing!



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