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Diana Fearon

1952 / Class of '99 / MGUS, bone lesions, fatigue / Blood-building supplement / Updated: 6/07

In 1985 at the age of 33, I was diagnosed and had surgery for Malignant Melanoma. Fortunately for me, it was caught in the early stages and I have not had a recurrence. In October 1999 I went to my primary care doctor and my words to him when he asked why I was there were ' I feel like I am dying". At that time I was experiencing severe fatigue, body pain and just a general feeling of illness. He order a general set of tests to determine my health condition. The results came back indicating high protein levels in my blood. This immediately led to further tests to rule out Multiple Myeloma.

During this time I had started on a natural treatment to build up my blood since it was felt that my blood was the problem. I had the Bone Marrow test in February 2000, and to the surprise of the doctors it came back inconclusive for Multiple Myeloma. My symptoms continues and I took 3 months leave of absence from work in 2000 and again in 2001 and after that felt pretty normal.

This past year, 2006, I had a mild stroke in October and was hospitalized. They ran every test possible and could find not indication as to why I had to stroke except that my blood appeared to be thicker than it should be. That triggered a visit to a Oncologist to determine the problem. By this time I was having severe body pains in my limbs, night sweats, extreme fatigue and general ill health which was really peculiar since I seemed to have recovered from the stroke pretty much. Once more the tests showed the elevated protein in my blood and once again the Oncologist wanted to rule our Multiple Myeloma. I had a skeletal survey done prior to the bone marrow test and my Oncologist told me that he was pretty sure that we were looking at Multiple Myeloma since my bone showed lesions.

During this time from October 2006 to May 2007 I had been taking a supplement recommended by a friend (who is a doctor) that would help my body release and develop more adult stem cells. I had begun feeling quite a bit stronger but with the diagnosis, continued testing.

Shortly after the skeletal survey, I had a bone marrow biopsy done. To the surprise of the Oncologist it was not conclusive for Multiple Myeloma. Because of the skeletal lesions I was referred to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston. They did an evaluation and redid some of the tests, in particular the skeletal survey, thinking that the original results may have been in error. To their surprise it came back showing lesions.

Because my bone marrow results are inconclusive I am still a patient on the wait-and-see list diagnosed with MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance). I am still experiencing the severe night sweats but have some relief from the body pain. I continue to take the supplement twice daily and wonder if it is not responsible for keeping me from full-blown Multiple Myeloma. I go back to MD Anderson in 3 months and will keep you posted.


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