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David Emerson


  Chagrin Falls, OH;

1959 / Class of '94 / Type: non-secretory / PBSCT, anti-neoplaston / Remission / Updated: 7/09

I was born in 1959 and I was diagnosed at the age of 34 with a single plasmacytoma.

In 2/94 I was diagnosed with a single plasmacytoma in my neck and underwent surgery to stabilize my fifth cervical vertebra. I underwent local radiation to the area and then waited for about a year.

In April of '95 I underwent 5 rounds of VAD then in September of '95 I underwent two rounds of cytoxan and stem cell collection. I then underwent a peripheral blood stem cell transplant in 12/95.

While the pbsct left me with short, longterm and some permanent side effects, the problems that I currently deal with are nerve damage caused by both chemotherapy and radiation and irritable bladder caused by cytoxan.

Antineoplaston therapy caused no long term side effects.

I came out of remission about 10 months later, underwent local radiation to my sacrum in 10/96 and went into remission again. I came out of remission in 9/97 and was told that nothing more could be done for me.

I began antineoplaston therapy in 11/97 and continued for the next 17 months. By the beginning of 1999 I was in complete remission where I remain today, 7/01/09.

April of 2009 marked 10 years of cancer-free status. Since I am non-secretory I rely on freelight chain assays to track my myeloma. I have been in the normal ranges ever since doing these blood tests.

I founded the Galen Foundation in 2004 and launched several months later. My story is told in the "about" tab.

After 15-plus years of Myeloma, it is clear to me that taking charge of one's health and reading/posting to sites like ACOR,, or others out there is an important aspect of managing this terrible disease.

Good luck,

David Emerson


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