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Chrissy D


  Jersey Shore, NJ;

1969 / Class of '06 / Type: IgA Kappa / Thal/Dex, auto SCT, remission until Dec 08 / Chemo / Last update: 8/12

In 2006, I was having nose bleeds, dizzy spells and felt mentally off. I figured it was because I ate badly and had a one-year-old. My family doc said I was anemic didn't know why. He suggested I go to a hematologist. I had no clue that was an oncologist, too. At the appt the Oncologist told me I was hypercalcemic and anemic. Within a week I diagnosed with stage 3b Myeloma without bone involvement. After several months of Thal/Dex I had an auto SCT. I had a great response and was disease free for 2 years to the month. Now, I'm just watching and waiting to see when we start treatment again. I have been pushed to do an allo, but have decided against it. I'm currently not on any treatment.

September, 2009: I've started on Revlimid/Dex.

August, 2012: Continued Rev/Dex until July of 2011. Did Rev/Vel/Dex, Vel/Cytoxin/Dex and am on Vel/Dex/Cytoxin/pred. The hardest part of this treatment is the steroids and I often take a vacation from them. No bone involvement and have a pretty good quality of life.


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