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Kathy D'Orlando


  Ormond Beach, FL;

1956 / Class of '03 / Type: IgA Kappa / Tandem SCTs / Revlimid / Updated: 9/06

I live in Ormond Beach Florida by way of Long Island New York and Tennessee (60 miles from Oak Ridge nuclear power plant). Class of 2003 for both myself and my husband. He in January and I in May 2003. Weird! Both diagnosed within 3 months of each other from "blood cancers", "environmental" induced! He was a landscaper and I have worked in the hospital since 1977. He with Large B-cell aggressive Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Passed on October 5, 2003. Told he was in remission in May 2003 and within 2 weeks cancer was in his brain and spine!

Me: IgA Kappa Light Chain. IgA suppressed now. Down to 63 from over 1,000 on presentation in 2003 4 round of VAD-June, July, August and September 2003. Tandem stem-cell transplants January and April 2004. 18 months of remission. Started to prepare with high dose chemo in November 2003. Little Rock Arkansas. Thalidomide on and off for 2 years with significant peripheral neuropathy. Went from 200 mg a day to 50. Still tripped over my feet and could not feel my hands. Decadron. Stopped in February of this year. Lost 20 pounds of weight! Velcade - No response. Just sick the whole time. October 2005-January 2006. Now Revlimid. 25 mg in February now on 15 a day for 21 day cycles. Started in February of 2006. Reduced dose in August of 2006. Not too bad with side effects.

I live and enjoy each and every day! No regrets! No time for sorrow!

Have had a lot of side effects from chronic antibiotic use as well as steroid use. Had cataracts removed in June of this year. Can see again and am able to drive! Rashes all the time from ? We don't know! Get used to the itches! as I call it! A lot of bone pain and joint pain! Am used to it!

Am doing a marathon for the Leukemia/Lymphoma/Myeloma Foundation:

They are a fantastic support group for all of us. They answer questions and are very patient-oriented. Will only walk the 1/2 marathon but will get to the finish line. I can promise that!


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