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Larry Conner


Rutherfordton, NC; or my wife at

1968 / Class of '08 / Lytic lesion in shoulder / Radiation, chemo / SCT planned / Last update: 5/11

In August 2008 I started having some pain in my left shoulder. Not one to visit the doctor often I put up with it until September and the pain progressively got worse. Mid-Sept 2008 I went to my orthopedic surgeon and told him about the pain. He did some x-rays and did not find any fractures or injury. He put me on a anti inflammation drug for a couple of weeks. There was no response to the medication. My 13-year-old daughter and I were leaving on Oct. 6 for a 10 day trip to China to work at an orphanage. I went back to the doc a few days before the trip for a Cortisone shot and scheduled an appt. for soon after my return from China. The shot gave no relief to the pain which continued to get worse each day. Upon my return from China I went back to the doc. He sent me for a MRI that same day and was thinking I had maybe torn my rotator cuff. Back at Dr. Bonds office the next afternoon for the results of the MRI I was floored to learn that I had a lytic lesion in my left shoulder. Dr. Bond sent me to Dr. Patt who is a Orthopedic Oncologist in Charlotte NC. Several x-rays and blood work was performed and at this time they thought I might have a single plasma cell tumor. All of my blood work was normal except a slight elevation of my protein level. It was a very slight High.

Soon afterwards I started Radiation Treatments on my shoulder. 28 treatments. I was also referred to Dr. Carrizosa who is a Hematology Oncologist. He thought that I just had the single cell plasmacytoma because my overall general health was good. I have never had any real health problems. In Early February 2009 Dr. Carrizosa performed a Bone Marrow Biopsy and this confirmed my MM Diagnosis. I had 21% Plasma cells in my marrow.

I have since started Revlimid and Dexamethasone. I am on my 2nd 21-day cycle now. I have been to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill to meet with transplant Specialist Dr. Gabriel who thinks I will do good with an autologous transplant. This will be started in September, I hope.

I have had a lot of problem with sinus infection, cough, fatigue and just not feeling well. A lot of sweats day and night and just a general tiredness. I am a fighter and have a great family support system and a really big God. Any advise or questions please email anytime. I have 3 kids, ages 9 to 14, and they are real prayers and I ask those of you that have time please pray for healing and for my family to be able to cope with all this.

March, 2011: I'm in remission and doing fairly well. Had Auto transplant in Oct. '09 and it seems to be working. My numbers are very good. I still have issues of getting sick on a regular basis. Like sinus stuff, colds and the like. Overall I'm doing well.

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